It’s been a while

December 27, 2013

I know it’s been a while since I posted on my dream blog but a good friend suggested that I start writing down my dreams and so I have made a mental note to start coming here more often again. Here is my latest, had it between 4pm and 11pm today:

I dreamed I was on a California beach. A wall ran out into the ocean and at the end of it there was a large rock. I was standing on the rock with a female. I can’t see her face now, but I know we were very close. The ocean was smooth but had HUGE rolling waves that weren’t breaking where I was because I was out from the shoreline. People were surfing. Someone left his clothes on the rock I was standing on and I was watching men come in from the water, looking for someone who couldn’t find their stuff. I said to the girl with me, “I just want to dive in” and she replied, “Go for it, everyone will know why we are wet at the meeting.”

I don’t remember what meeting we had to go to, but it had to do with church. So I jumped out as far as I could and dove in. The water was cool and salty. I remember hearing myself break the surface followed by that bubbly sound as the water flows past your ears, then silence. I left my lungs slowly pull me to the surface to savor that silence. When I finally breached the surface I was a lot farther from the rock than I wanted to be. I rolled onto my back and started swimming backwards toward the beach. I had to maneuver myself so I would come out on the correct side of the wall.

It was so quiet and smooth on the water, and it was late, so I started picturing great white sharks eyeing me from below. I got scared and could feel my heart beat start to speed up. I had to mentally tell myself to calm down and get to shore. Once the waves started rolling again I caught one and body surfed it all the way into the shore. I ended the ride on my feet, on the sand. I looked around to see if anyone saw my smooth moves.


Survivor or Convict?

February 28, 2013

It’s 5:45 a.m.  The bathroom is calling but my dream is calling as well.  I open my eyes and wish for the 114th time that I went to bed with a notebook and a pen beside me.  I willed myself to remember every detail before slinking out of bed pee.  Thirty minutes until my alarm goes off to get up.  Dammit, I hate that.  I turn the fan off before pulling the covers over my entire body.  I’m freezing.  Stupid night sweats.  I fall back into sleep quickly and, of course, my dream picks up where it left off.  Let me start from the beginning.

My husband, Mike, and I were driving down a road in a small town.  He was driving I was in the passenger seat.  First person view dream, as usual.  We’re in an old school Jeep.  The sort they call woodies.  Mike’s phone rings and it’s his friend John P. By Mike’s physical reactions and words I can tell something is wrong.  He hangs up and tells me that the zoo is on fire.  We just happen to have passed the zoo a few blocks back.  Mike bangs a Louis and we head to the zoo. I can see small areas of flame through the fence that surrounds the property. This particular zoo is situated behind a fire house.  Sirens are coming from far, far off and traffic is bad.  There is no one at the fire house in front of the zoo so we are probably going to have to save the day.  Here’s the kicker, the entrance to the zoo is through the bay doors of the fire house.  We don’t waste time; we shove the doors up and head to the back door of the building.  There are two neon yellow fire trucks parked inside. The back door is open and a fireman is standing in the doorway.  He knows there is a fire, he knows we are there to help, no words needed.  The three of us go through the door to assess the situation.  The fireman starts hooking hoses up to God knows what so we can put out the fires.  The fires are spread around and small.  There isn’t much to burn actually, not a lot of trees.  The idea of a zoo vanishes now and it becomes just a large piece of land.  Maybe my mind couldn’t deal with burning animals, who knows.


The fires are put out easily and at some point more people came to help.  The crisis is over and we stand around wet and dirty to take a breath.  At this point I am not me anymore and Mike is gone.  The people around me are strangers.  I don’t remember how many of them there were, maybe eight.  One other Hispanic and quite beautiful female, a large black man, and a few white males.  This is where the dream goes into a SyFy direction.  The land we are on is covered in some sort of a dome.  There has been an attack on earth and this “dome” is some sort safety net for humans, to protect them from whatever or whoever attacked earth.  A small hatch automatically opens on a tree.  There are buttons and circuits and a very small book that explains somewhat what is going on and what is going to happen.  My assumption about this part of the dream is that this safety system was built FOR humans.  This was built for English speaking, oxygen breathing, smart organisms.  We understand that beyond the dome isn’t an option anymore.  


Now everyone wants to talk about the hatch and the buttons and the fact that we have to answer two questions about what we want and press the buttons accordingly to make that happen.  I don’t remember the exact questions but I remember we had to choose some sort of environment that we could live in that wasn’t exactly like earths.  Create something to change it up so that whatever was attacking might not be able to survive inside if they ever breached our safety dome.  Atmosphere……..we had around four choices for this.  Some toxic, one was the obvious oxygen and the other was simply Bio.  We figured this meant like a jungle, plants, trees, tropical.  This made sense.  It was clearly not like the area we were in and though it wasn’t the obvious choice of oxygen we knew it would supply oxygen.  Presto, this guy hits the button and we feel the atmosphere change inside.  By the way, this guy who suddenly wants to be the leader and presses the button, is that actor William Fichtner, who played the sheriff in the TV series “Invasion” which was created by none other than Shawn Cassidy.  Sort of appropriate I guess.


The next and last question was also multiple choice and about our environment.  We had to choose something best suited to go with our first choice.  We are checking out the choices and being very democratic about the whole thing.  Just as I was about to say “rain” (duh, obvious choice) Justin Timberlake (I had no idea he was there until now) freaks the freak out and runs up and hits the OXYGEN button.  This is where all hell breaks loose.


Suddenly alarms are going off, steam is being shot everywhere and people are being grabbed by metal arms that are coming from a building close by.  Apparently, if you answer the question or questions in a stupid manner the system is programmed to assume that you are either alien or stupid.  Either way you are now going to be assimilated and treated like a convict.  William, the other female, and I were not grabbed and dragged into this other building, but everyone else was.  We tried like hell to get inside to help because we could hear their screams.  We knew our turn was coming though.  When the syfy sliding door finally fooshed open, complete with dry ice effects we see what used to be the big black guy.  He has been assimilated into a giant bug.  We can still tell it’s him though.  His form is sort of like that of an ant.  He also has wings.  This part of the dream just has to come from my playing World of Warcraft and helping out the Klaxxi.  Klaxxi are a sort of bug people.  I do see how my addiction Face Off could have influenced this part as well.  

Before the big arms take the last three of us we see other invading large bugs.  Some are in the sky and some are on the ground.  We had a rough time with a fire ball shooting spider for a while.  He was hairy little jumping spider about the size of a coffee table.  Maybe a little smaller.  He had a little friend or baby with him that did nothing.  He NEVER ran out of power, and his fireballs were like napalm.  I remember thinking he must be robotic because biologically nature, even if it had this ability, could not possibly recharge this fast.  I made a mental note to hose big hairy down when I got close enough to a fire hose.  I never got that far though; the arms came and took us up and away.  The three of us were assimilated at the same time, in the same room, but in complete darkness.  What tiny amount of light that did come only cast a black gleam on the machines that reminded me of Alien the movie.  Being assimilated didn’t hurt and I thought we actually had a better chance of survival with new bodies and wings.  We were going to war in our bio dome.  All of us.  We were now collective in a way, sort of like the Borg.  The last thing I remember before the door opened to the outside was William Fichtner saying, “So you think we’re lawbreakers?  Fine.  We’ll give you law breakers.”  


Now my alarm is going off.  It’s been 30 minutes since I made my trip to the bathroom.  Kids have to get to school somehow so I get out of bed promising myself that I will blog this dream.  And I did.  Go me.


October 23, 2012

I know I have been very bad about checking in every day with dreams but the truth is, I don’t always remember my dreams.  Or I remember them when I wake up and as the day goes on I forget most of them.  Sometimes they are SO intricate and wild that I cannot possibly put them into words.  Words just do not do them justice.  This frustrates me.  I’ll do my best and keep keeping on.

This week I had one of those intricate dreams.  It was so crazy and all over the place.  Very sci-fi.  I only remember snippets of it. 

My sister was very mad at me in this dream and was accusing me of something I did not do.  It was like she was on drugs or something because she was so adamant and loud.  She had a city apartment which was on like the 3rd or 4th floor.  I went to the apartment directly across the street from hers at night so I could see into her home.  She had these HUGE Lionel Richie prints all over the walls. 

In a different part of the dream I could see into the future at times, but I could only see like ten seconds at a time and it only gave me about 3 seconds before it happened.  It showed me 2 possible outcomes, a good one and a bad one.  So of course I always did what the good one showed me.  It saved my life a few times, because apparently I was fighting against the mob for some reason.  I sort of like a superhero. 

That’s all I can remember of that dream.  If I remember more I’ll edit it in.


October 17, 2012

No odd dreams to report 🙂


October 16, 2012

I have no recollection of any dreams last night. (which is very rare)


October 15, 2012

Too many dreams, all over the place, to get into any sort of long detail about any of them.  I’ll list what I can remember because story telling them is impossible (except for the last one I had).

Dream #1.

On an island.  Gorgeous water and soft sand.  My kids’ toys were being taken out by the tide.   I can see them on the bottom.  The waves are so soft.  I see a red bucket and shovel and other various beach toys.  I wade in up to my waist and kneel down to reach them.  I remember the water being slightly cooler than body temp.  I remember the silence as I was under water.  I remember the balmy breeze feeling nice and cool on my skin when I came out of the water.  There were people on the beach, it’s a public beach at a hotel. 

Dream #2.

Same Island.  I think it’s Fort Myers Beach, although it doesn’t look exactly like it.  My Mother and Step Father are in and out of this dream, which makes sense, since they live there.  I’m at a very upscale resort.  It’s very tall, 15 to 20 stories, and it’s right on the beach.  I’m young in this dream.  Maybe in my 20’s.  I know this because I have spent time in front of a mirror checking my hair and my clothes.  I am dressed up and at a party in a very large suite.  My hair is long and I have on a white dress with a red pattern, possibly large flowers. It’s a ground floor suite and it has many, many bedrooms and bathrooms.  (I have been to this exact suite on the beach before in past dreams) For some reason I think I am there to work….maybe as a nanny for whoever is staying there?  This suite has its own pool that steps down onto the beach.  The water is a stones throw away.  There are not a lot of people there and I have been mistaken as a guest.  I go with it.  I meet a handsome man.  Something shady is going on here.  My inner voice is telling me to get the hell out of there. 

More dreams in between…….just shadows, I cannot remember them.

Dream #3.

I start off in a space ship.  I am part of some sort of agency of beings that have special talents that fight crime on Earth.  My talent is the ability to go invisible at will.  I can also fly and move on my feet at lightening speed, but I think everyone can do this.  I am on the wrong ship and I don’t know why.  The agency on this ship is part of the evil.  Once I realize this I go invisible, but they already know I am here.  I find a way outside of the ship and dive towards earth.  I am in space, falling towards earth at a high rate of speed, I am being chased.  I land in New York City.  I have no idea what part of NYC I am in.  It looks seedy and it’s getting dark.  My daughter is suddenly with me, she has no idea about my abilities.  I know that I need to get us somewhere safe, around a crowded, well-lit area, before it goes totally dark outside.  Danger is coming.  I pull my cell phone to my mouth and say, “which way to Times Square?”  My phone starts to direct me.  My daughter is no longer with me so I run as fast as I can (which is a blur) towards Times Square.  I get there in a few seconds.  No one notices my ability due to my stopping in an area at a bar outside the bathroom.  No one will notice my sudden arrival.  I order a drink and sit at the bar, deciding what I need to do next.  
(The rest of this dream becomes very fuzzy until the next part) 

I end up at a Mall with my daughter.  I need internet access so we are looking for a directory to find a coffee shop or internet cafe that gives free access to internet.  I am not sure who I need to contact, but I am running out of time.  We find an internet cafe.  I cannot remember the name of it now, it started with a B and its color scheme was navy blue and brown.  We sit at a table and wait.  There are other people there.  I notice a blonde man a table over from us. He seems preoccupied.  My daughter runs off to buy shoes. I finally get a message of some sort on my phone.  The message is warning me about the blonde man.  When I look up he is staring at me.  We both hyperfast speed into each other and start hand to hand combat.  There are people all around us but we are moving so fast that not everyone notices us.  I suddenly come to the realization that the people who do notice us have the same speed ability.  I wonder who’s side they are one……will I have to fight them as well?  I feel no fear at all.  I am confident in my ability to stay alive and get the objective done.  (The objective: a picture of a person – get this person to safety before the bad guys get to him/her)  I cant remember what the person looked like, I think it was a female.   The blonde man smirks at me and turns to dust.  This must be his special ability.  I see him reappear at the end of the mall, he walks out. 

The people around me are special members of the CIA.  They arrest me.  (The dream is fuzzy here for a while)  Once all is said and done I find that there are 3 organizations: The one I belong to which I believe to be a good one, the bad one, and then the CIA.  I am now working for the CIA and have left my previous organization.  I am still looking for the same person, only I am to keep this person safe from both of the other organizations.  (This is all I can remember of this dream)

Dream #4.

I had this dream in the afternoon during a nap.  It is VERY broken and I only remember certain parts. 

I am in a city again, but smaller.  There is a very long street with what seems like a never-ending row of shops that go uphill.  The shops look old-fashioned.  The lamps are made to look like gas lamps but they aren’t.  Trees every so often along the side-walk.  I am driving a motorcycle.  An all black and chrome Harley.  It’s a small bike, but it’s very loud.  I see Brent’s Music.  (This is a music shop in Fort Myers. It’s still there and running.  Stet Howland mentioned it on Facebook the other day which is probably why it ended up in my dreams).  In the dream my friend Eric Bigelow is the new owner.  I pull up onto the side-walk, cut my engine, and kick stand my bike up. Two doors down are two shops that go together but are not the same.  An Italian bistro with a kitchen gadget store next to it.  They look separate but are joined on the inside.  Not sure how I know this.  Two guys are looking out of the windows at me, they do not look happy.  I chalk them up as morons and ignore them.

I go inside of Brent’s and say hello.  There are bells on the door, they jingle like Christmas.  Eric has a couple of guys working there that I don’t know, but I immediately like them very much.  Jane, his wife, is not in this dream, but I do remember thinking of her, wondering where she was.  Inside is a sort of hodge podge of things.  Instruments, apparel, tattoos to choose from on the wall, art, music.  Eric leaves out of the back of the store to go get some business done.  I stay behind with his employees.  I haven’t been in this store in a long, long time.  I am noticing things that are gone, their empty spaces remain.  It’s old and dusty inside.  It’s dark, but light coming inside  a window has dust swimming in it.  Most things are very outdated.  The two employees have a beef with the guys two doors down in the Italian bistro.  They leave to go settle an old score and ask me to watch the store.  I start going through the old clothes to see if there is anything I like.  My back is to the door. It’s very quiet.  I begin to wonder if anyone could sneak in without making the bells jingle.  Then I begin to worry that I have gone deaf.  I have a feeling if I turn around there will be someone in the shop.  I turn to find two males crouched behind the cash register trying to steal.  They are talking to me, but I am deaf.  I will not let them rob my friend.  One jumps over the counter and out of the door.  The bells jingle, I am not deaf anymore.  The other one stabs me with a screwdriver and runs.  It doesn’t hurt but it’s bleeding.  Eric’s employees come back.  One of them, the heavier one, must be the tattoo artist because he pulls on black latex gloves and starts tending to my wound. 

This all has something to do with the guys from the shop two doors down.  I am angry now.  I find myself on my bike behind a shiny red and brass trolley heading towards Brent’s.  (its must be a different day)  There are two ladies on the trolley, old ladies, old but glamorous.  Full hair and make up, cool old ladies.  They are throwing eggs at the Bistro as we pass bay it.  The dream changes here and I am in a shiny red convertible with these old ladies.  The blonde is driving.  Her lipstick matches the car.  The brunette is in the passenger seat.  White leather interior.  Mint condition.  They drop me off outside of Brent’s. I jump out and my bike is on some sort of motorcycle holder attached to the back of the car.  I lift it easily, it’s very light for a motorcycle.  I figure by now that these women are Eric’s friends too.  I roll my bike to the front door and put it on its kickstand again.  (The dream is fuzzy here again) I remember being in the street with Eric outside of Brent’s, someone had driven by and shot out the windows of the store.  A very green and gold Japanese souped up car with two Asian men in it screeches to a halt a few hundred feet away.  The car backs up and turns around, it then heads towards us at a high rate of speed.  I think it’s going to hit us.  Just then a man steps out in front of it, about 20 feet in front of us,  and holds up a hand towards the car.  The car stops moving forward, but spins in circles in place.  The tire smoke smells terrible and burns my eyes and nose.  I know now that the man who stopped the car had a special ability.  He stopped that speeding car with his mind to save us.  This man is from my earlier dream.  (please note that approximately 3 hours had passed since the “special ability” dream and this dream.  I had actually taken my kids to school and come back and fallen back asleep before having this dream.  Why the dreams ended up tying together I have no idea.  This happens a lot in my dreams.)


October 14, 2012

Tonight’s dream is a bit fuzzy. Probably because I took medication before I went to sleep. I remember the beginning of the dream started out as a dream I have had before. It was about some sort of evacuation in a large city, only no one realized it was an evacuation. The highways and roads reminded me very much of Dallas, the way they were above and winding around, except the city was not as nice as Dallas. It appeared to more of a rush hour back-up issue with maybe an accident thrown in there. No people were panicking.

The next thing I remember is total anarchy. I was with my husband and children and we were looking for a safe place to sleep. We were so very tired and frightened. The road we were on was lined for miles with malls and stored and places to eat, but it seemed everything had already been broken into an looted. We found a mattress store that seemed to be intact and found a way inside (I seem to recall my husband having to kick a door in or something). The building had glass in the front and halfway down the sides. I remember specifically feeling unsafe because people could see inside. At this point we were in a bad part of the city and people were out to not only steal what they could but they would harm you for fun. Very “Mad Max.” We found some dead inside and moved them outside. They were lying on beds and appeared to have died in their sleep or of some sort of illness. We were safe there for quite a long time. We were joined by a few other peaceful people which actually helped with security etc.

Then the dream changes (as they so often do). The next thing I know I am there, same scenario, except I have no husband or children and my boyfriend is Adam Levine. He and his friends are there and they make the most awesome team of “end of the world survival” guys. They have guns and are organized. Adam saved me a number of times, and I saved him a few times too.

It was sort of like an action movie at this point. People would break in, we try to hide at first so they will go away, they find us and BOOM we shoot them. I found a secret back room in this building. I was some sort of garage. People were constantly banging on the door trying to break in but it held. Inside were two SUV vehicles like I’ve never seen before, and about 3 or 4 motorcycles. (plus random garage stuff) At some point I was found in the hidden room and hid inside one of the vehicles with Adam. This is when we found out that the windows were bullet proof. I concluded that these vehicles were owned or made for famous rappers. They had a lot of BLING to them as well. The one we hid in was painted this pearly blue, really pretty, and had maroon leather interior. The seat in the back went completely flat, making a place to sleep and I remember thinking, “finally, a clean place to sleep.” We endured there for I don’t know how long. Adam and I were in the middle of a spat when I woke up.

ps. There was something unusual about Adam, if you want to know what it was just ask me <evil grin>